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Cogent Solutions offers a meticulous, hands-on service dedicated to identifying, tracking, and obtaining FBA reimbursements owed to you due to Amazon's operational errors. Experience peace of mind knowing that our expert team is committed to protecting your bottom line through our personalized FBA reimbursement and refund service.

See what you're owed by Amazon for free.

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    At Cogent Solutions, we're revolutionizing the way Amazon sellers manage their reimbursements. We understand the challenges you face, and we're here to make your life easier.

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    No Upfront Fees

    Begin your journey towards reclaiming what's yours without any initial investment.

    Free Reimbursement up to $500

    Experience our exceptional service firsthand. We'll recover up to $500 in FBA reimbursements, absolutely free.

    Only 15% Fee After $500

    After the initial $500, we charge a modest 15% fee on the additional reimbursements we secure for you. It's our commitment to ensuring maximum returns with minimal costs.

    Our Promise

    We're not just a service; we're your partners in profitability. Our expert team meticulously navigates Amazon's complex reimbursement process, ensuring you recover every dollar you're owed. With Cogent Solutions, you're not just improving your bottom line; you're choosing a service that stands by your success.

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    A sellable inventory item has been mistakenly disposed of in Amazon’s Fulfillment Center.

    Lost Warehouse

    Inventory has disappeared, been sidelined for reviews, been stowed in incorrect bins, or received incorrectly at Amazon’s Fulfillment Center.

    Damaged Inbound

    Items were received as damaged by an Amazon Partnered Carrier en route to Amazon’s Fulfillment Center or were damaged inside Amazon’s warehouse.


    Shipments that were sent from the seller’s warehouse and were partially received at the destination warehouse.

    Inbound Retro

    A previously unsuccessful “Inbound” claim was reopened by Cogent Solutions in an effort to recover FBA reimbursement.

    Lost Removal Order

    Inventory has been requested to be removed from FBA but not all inventory arrived.

    Cancelled Shipping Costs

    Shipping charges have been paid to Amazon for inbound partner carrier shipments but were not used.

    Pick & Pack (Overcharge Fees)

    A discrepancy exists between (a) your product measurements vs. Amazon’s records or (b) your Amazon fees vs. what you’re charged. *US only

    Wrong FNSKU Returns

    Amazon will reimburse the cost of a product if a seller is attributed with a wrong return.


    Join 2,000+ FBA sellers who’ve partnered with Sifted to secure the reimbursements they’re owed from Amazon.

    A new way to recover from Amazon’s FBA mistakes.

    Have you ever had an FBA shipment get incorrectly counted? Realized your sellable inventory is way off? Or feel like you’re getting overcharged with FBA fees?

    Sifted Marketplace Intelligence audits your Amazon account daily for all of these errors (and more), and our team of experts files cases with Amazon on your behalf to recover the money you’re owed for discrepancies.

    FBA reimbursements made effortless and affordable.

    See why thousands of Amazon FBA sellers are partnering with Sifted:

    • Flexible plans & pricing to fit your needs – Pay as little as 10% of successful reimbursements

    • Dedicated team of U.S. based Amazon experts filing claims and securing reimbursements for you

    • FREE to sign up – See what you’re owed in less than 24 hrs.


    Cogent Solutions conducts detailed audits of 18-month Amazon FBA transactions, handling complex claims with their advanced dashboard technology. They address issues like lost inventory, damages, and overcharges, ensuring effective resolution.


    As part of the Amazon Emerald program, Cogent Solutions ensures all necessary documentation is in place to resolve claims. This is crucial since about 40% of claims require Proof of Inventory Ownership or Proof of Delivery.

    Managing Claims

    Cogent Solutions' team efficiently manages claims to ensure successful reconciliation and reimbursement. Their customer success team works closely with clients to maximize FBA reimbursements, offering support across multiple time zones.

    Sifted’s FBA Reimbursement Tool Includes…

    FBA Seller Insights

    Track the things impacting your business most. With 24/7, always-on monitoring, you’ll get the lowdown and updates you need to make the right decisions at the right time. See where you stand, where you’ve been, and how you can improve to level up your Amazon business.

    FBA Sales Visualization

    Use geographic sales data to optimize your operations. View, search and filter through 18 months of your Amazon sales data in one map, plotted geographically down to the zip code.

    FBA Fee Analyzer

    See exactly how much selling on Amazon is costing you. Get a full breakdown of your FBA storage, shipping and fulfillment fees to identify discrepancies and optimize your logistics for greater savings and reimbursements.

    FBA Audit & Recovery

    Secure money you’re owed from Amazon. Our software audits your Amazon data daily and identifies money owed to you for operational errors in the Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) program.