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We prioritize building strong relationships and providing ongoing support to help you succeed on Amazon.

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Our team takes a tailored approach to developing strategies that fit your unique products and goals.

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We deliver consistent results through expert analysis, strategic planning, and ongoing optimization."

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Unlocking the Full Potential of Amazon

Amazon Product

Launching a new product on Amazon? Our tailor-made launch strategies and marketing campaigns will help your products stand out. Let our team of Amazon experts help you succeed with high-quality images, professional product copy, and customized launch strategies.

Sponsored Ads Management

Get more out of your advertising budget with our Amazon Sponsored Ads management service. We customize strategies based on your product lifecycle, resulting in 2x ROAS, lower CPCs, higher CTR, and increased overall sales.

Full Scope Account Management

Let us handle your entire Amazon account so you can focus on your business. Our Full Scope Account Management service provides end-to-end support, from launching new products to day-to-day management, including customer communication


Our graphics team understands the art of communicating with Amazon customers through high-quality product images. We create images that stand out, communicate the message, and increase the CTR of your listings, boosting conversions by 2 to 5%.

Listing Optimization

At Cogent Solutions, we help you optimize your Amazon product listings to increase order session percentages. Our service covers all aspects of your listings, from images to keyword placement, and our expert team provides ongoing optimizations to keep your products at the top of relevant search results.

Product and Niche Analysis

At Cogent Solutions, we provide expert product and niche analysis, including keyword research, competitor analysis, and customer pain point identification. Our data-driven approach helps you develop a competitive advantage and maximize your success on Amazon.

Discover How Our Solutions Helped Our Clients Succeed

Home Textile Brand

An established beauty brand hired Cogent Solutions for full-service account management. The brand had aggressive sales goals and wanted to migrate from Vendor Central to Seller Central.

Calculate the click-to-order ratio (CTOR), customer acquisition cost (CAC), and average conversion rate (avg. CVR) of our niche to always stay above breakeven.

Efficient budget allocation by restructuring campaigns through separating above avg. CVR keywords from multiple KW campaigns into single keyword campaign.

Introduced SB and SD Ads focused on retargeting the customers which brought us extra sales along with a repeat purchase history.

10 %

The overall sales increased by 150%.

5 %

The ACOS decreased from 60% to 30% with a major decline of 50% over the period of 5 months.

5 %

A significant reduction of 66% in TACOS from 45% to 15% in about 5 months.

Partners, Not Vendors: Your Success is Our Success

At Cogent Solutions we believe in building strong partnerships with our clients. We are committed to your success and treat your business with the same care and attention to detail as we would our own. Our team of Amazon experts takes the time to understand your unique products, brand, and goals, so we can develop customized solutions that deliver results.

We provide personalized support and guidance to help you navigate the complexities of selling on Amazon, with a focus on delivering a seamless and stress-free experience. When you work with Cogent Solutions, you can trust that we will be there every step of the way. We are passionate about helping our clients achieve their long-term business goals.

At Cogent Solutions, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service and results. Let us help you take your Amazon business to the next level – contact us today to learn more.


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